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Spokane Housing Authority Acquires Land for Affordable Housing Development in Spokane Valley

(Spokane, WA – March 28, 2024) – The Spokane Housing Authority (SHA), a leading organization dedicated to facilitating access to affordable housing across six Eastern Washington counties, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a vacant seven-acre lot located at 10003 E 4th Avenue in Spokane Valley. Nestled in between Appleway Court and Appleway Terrace, this strategic acquisition marks a significant step forward in addressing the critical need for affordable housing.

With a firm commitment to expand affordable housing options, SHA intends to collaborate with a for-profit partner to develop the site into a vibrant residential community catering to households with incomes at or below 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI). This initiative aligns with SHA’s mission to provide safe, secure, and affordable housing solutions for our community.

Units will be income-restricted to ensure affordability, with rent prices set at levels to enable households to thrive economically.  In addition to providing much-needed housing, SHA is exploring the feasibility of incorporating a childcare or early learning facility within the development.

“Our acquisition of the Appleway site underscores our dedication to creating inclusive and sustainable communities where individuals, seniors and families of diverse backgrounds can thrive,” said Pam Parr, Executive Director of SHA. “By leveraging partnerships and innovative approaches, we aim to address the diverse needs of our community and enhance accessibility to essential services.”

Construction on the project is scheduled to commence in fall 2025, with completion anticipated in spring 2027. SHA is dedicated to ensuring that the development process is conducted with transparency, accountability, and community input every step of the way.

To follow the development of the Appleway Site and for more information about Spokane Housing Authority, follow them on Facebook or visit their website at www.spokanehousing.org.