Request For Qualifications- General Contractor for the Hifumi-en Apartments Project in Spokane, WA

Hifumi-en LLLP as owner and Spokane Housing Authority as developer (together referred to herein as “SHA”) are requesting interested general contractors to submit their qualifications to provide general contractor services including pre-construction, sitework, offsite infrastructure, building construction, and building demolition for the Hifumi-en Apartments. This project includes new construction of an 86-unit 3-story apartment building and demolition of the existing 41-unit Hifumi-en apartment building all at the Spokane, WA addresses listed above with estimated hard construction costs between $20-22M. This estimated cost includes contractor overhead, profit, bond and general conditions but excludes sales tax, furnishings, and contingency. Hifumi-en Apartments LLLP intends to enter a negotiated construction contract with the successful general contractor.

Full RFQ – pdf format

RFQ Submission
Interested general contractors (“submitters”) must complete documentation required in Part II of this RFQ and return via email to Spokane Housing Authority by 4:30 PM on Monday, July 17, 2023. Submissions must be emailed to [email protected].
This RFQ is coordinated by Paul Trautman. Submitters may contact Mr. Trautman at [email protected] or 509-252-7148 with RFP questions until 4:30 PM on July 12 (the Clarification Deadline) or to confirm timely receipt of their RFQ submission. RFQ responses will be reviewed and, depending on the number of responses, screened to create a short list of firms for interview. The owner will select the most qualified firm to deliver the requested General Contractor services.