Notice of Waiting List Opening For Project Based Voucher Program Units

On March 25, 2024, at 8:00 am, the Spokane Housing Authority (SHA) will open the waiting lists for the following project based voucher (PBV) units located at the following projects:

  • Alexandria Apartments, 623 S Howard, Spokane, WA; 4 1-bedrooms; 1 2 bedrooms; Not Accessible
  • Arrowleaf Village, 380 S Aspen St., Airway Heights, WA; 4 2-bedroom; 1 3-bedroom; Accessible
  • Beloved Sunset Apartments, 2804 W 7th Ave., Spokane, WA; 11 2-bedroom; Not Accessible
  • Casas Salvadas, 1314 W Maxwell Ave., Spokane, WA; 1 3-bedroom; Not Accessible
  • Casas Salvadas, 1024 W Boone Ave., Spokane, WA; 1-2 bedroom; Not Accessible
  • Summit View, 820 N Summit Blvd., Spokane, WA; 16 2-bedroom; 5 3-bedroom; Not Accessible
  • Cedar West, 4018 W Rowan Ave., Spokane, WA; 17 2-bedroom; Not Accessible
  • Sharon Lord Apartments, 1203-1207 N Madison Street, Spokane, WA; 4 2-bedroom; Accessible
  • Walnut Corners, 1403 W Mallon St., Spokane, WA; 9 2-bedroom; 2 3-bedroom; Accessible
  • Parsons, 108 S. Jefferson St., Spokane, WA; 4 2-bedroom; Accessible
  • Clare View Senior Housing (55+), 3202 E 44th Ave, 26 2-bedroom; Accessible

Please keep in mind that certain eligibility requirements apply, you can find these criteria on our website at CERTAIN BEDROOM SIZES REQUIRE A MINIUM NUMBER OF HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS (for example, if you are a 3-person household, you would qualify for a 2-bedroom unit). Reasonable Accommodations can be submitted if a household has a disability that would require their own separate bedroom (for example, you are a two-person household but each of you require your own separate bedroom—both household members would need to provide documentation showing that because of a disability, you each require your own separate bedroom).

On March 25, 2024, you can access the Pre-Application for all above properties directly on our website at; or at 25 W. Nora Ave., Spokane, WA 99205.  You may also visit each location’s leasing office at the addresses above; or contact the office at (509) 328-2953 for information on how to apply or email SHA Customer Service at [email protected] for assistance.

This waiting list will close on March 29th at 11:59 PM.



The waiting lists opening are named and include the properties according to the Housing Choice Voucher Administration Plan:

  • Elderly/Disabled Projects
    • Parsons Apartments
  • Projects Designated as 55+ Projects
    • Clare View
  • All Other PBV Projects
    • Agnes Kehoe Place
    • Alexandria House
    • Arrowleaf Village
    • Bel Franklin
    • Beloved Sunset
    • Casa Salvadas
    • Carlyle
    • Cedar West
    • Elm Street
    • Father Bach Haven
    • Highland Village I
    • Newark
    • Market Street Station
    • Pearl on Adams
    • Sharon Lord
    • Summit View
    • Walnut Corners